Queens Hotel

High Street

Saturday 8th September 9.30pm
Tom Dale
Old-time blues, slide guitar mountain music, banjo and more.

Sunday 9th September 9.30pm
Jenny Bishop
Talented singer songwriter. Featured on ‘BBC Introducing’.

Monday 10th September 9.30pm
Edward Tresloggett
Jazz, soul, blues and funk covers.

Tuesday 11th September 9.30pm
Mr G
Solo acoustic blues.

Wednesday 12th September 9pm
Open Mic Night Hosted by Liam Jordan
Enjoy a mix of musical styles.

Thursday 13th 9.30pm
Dom Youngman
Acoustic soul covers.

Friday 14th September 9.30pm
Dirty Alternative
High-energy quartet, electro acoustic, mixed genres.

Saturday 15th September 9.30pm
Crunchy Frogg
Blues, soul and rock.

Sunday 16th September 9.30pm
The Dowling Thing
Talented quartet covering a range of genres including country, bluegrass, folk, funk, blues and jazz.

Monday 17th September 9.30pm
Charlie & The Martian
Acoustic guitar & drummer duo.

Tuesday 18th September 9.30pm
Foxes Fair
Folky foursome singing twisted tales of love, murder & sea-faring treachery.

Wednesday 19th September 9pm
Open Mic Night hosted by Liam Jordan
Enjoy a mix of musical styles.

Thursday 20th September 9.30pm
Classic rock trio.

Friday 21st September 9.30pm
Liam Jordan
Americana, rock ‘n’ roll.

Saturday 22nd September 9.30pm
Louella Jade Eke