Lifeboat Inn

Wharf Road

Sunday 9th September 9pm
Not the Beatles

Monday 10th September 9pm
Dr Oz
Soul, funk, ska band.

Tuesday 11th September
7pm – Bamaluz Bootleggers Shanty.
9pm – Raikes Indie.

Wednesday 12th September 9pm
The BT Experience
Bob Dylan Night.

Thursday 13th September 9pm
The Frame
Blues, Rock, Boogie Trio.

Friday 14th September 9pm
Gordons Alive
Pop covers.

Monday 17th September 9pm
Boundless Brothers
Pop rock/Cornish folk.

Tuesday 18th September 9pm
Rock On Man.

Wednesday 19th September 9pm
The Suspects
Retro Soul/Northern Soul and Blues.

Thursday 20th September 9pm
The Olives