Golden Lion

Market Place

Saturday 8th September 9pm
Marky Dawson Pianist
Everything from pop classics to current covers.

Sunday 9th September 9pm
Boundless Brothers
Four piece pop/folk rock band playing own original music. ‘Ones to watch’.

Monday 10th September 9pm
The Archons
Three piece band playing rock, blues and Americana.

Tuesday 11th September 9pm
The Bradley Sadler Band 

Wednesday 12th September 9pm
The Roosters

Thursday 13th September 9pm
The Dowling Thing
Playing country, bluegrass and funk, originals and covers.

Friday 14th September 9pm
A three-piece classic rock covers band.

Saturday 15th September 9pm

Sunday 16th September 9pm
Belfast Busker
Stomping Irish folk.

Monday 17th September 9pm

Tuesday 18th September 9pm
Me and the devil
4-piece band playing traditional American blues music of the 40s and 50s.

Wednesday 19th September 9pm
Tim Hain
Vibrant singer-songwriter steeped in blues and reggae.

Thursday 20th September 9pm
Crunchy Frog

Friday 21st September 9pm
The Hoodle
Good rootsy blue and rock stuff, with good sounds & classic tunes.

Saturday 22nd September 9pm
Sugar Bullets
Good ‘ole rock n’ roll.