• The 15 Minute Portrait Studio
  • Shibori Japanese Tie-Dye
  • Contemporary Silverpoint Drawing
  • Sand Cast Candle Making
  • Natural Soap Making
  • A Walk with Watercolour

Barnoon Workshop

Clodgy View, TR26 1JG

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Saturday 8th September 11am-5pm FREE Entry (Portrait £15)
The 15 Minute Portrait Studio
A contemporary twist on traditional seaside and street portraiture – sit for your portrait in under 15 minutes and leave with original artwork! Check our website for details of artists work and timetable. No booking required, pay on the door. www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk

Sunday 9th September 11am-5pm FREE Entry (Portrait £15)
The 15 Minute Portrait Studio
See Saturday 8th 11am for details. www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk

Tuesday 11th September 10am-12noon £20
Shibori Japanese Tie-Dye
The traditional craft of Shibori uses a series of folds and bindings with string, wood and stones to achieve simple or complex patterns – using authentic natural indigo dye. Materials included, but feel free to bring along your own small cotton (or natural fibre) garments to dye. Prepare to get messy! www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk

Wednesday 12th September 10am-5pm £50
Contemporary Silverpoint Drawing
An exquisite drawing technique first employed by Renaissance artists, using real silver points and other metals, on specially prepared surfaces. Delicate and responsive results can be achieved, with a soft sheen and permanent finish. Learn about preparations, tools, techniques and create a finished drawing on a gesso board. www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk

Thursday 13th September 10am-12noon £20 adults, £10 children
Sand Cast Candle Making
Create beautiful and unique candles, by casting wax into sand moulds, then decorate with shells, sea glass or pebbles. Learn about wax types, working methods, wicks and how to colour and fragrance with essential oils. Using eco soya pillar wax, the finished candles have a light sand crust and are ideal for indoors or outdoors. You will have time to make about 3 candles of varying sizes. www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk

Thursday 13th September 2-4pm £20
Natural Soap Making
Create your own lovely soap recipes using natural ingredients including herbs, spices, oats, seaweed, essential oils, vegetable melt and pour soap base. Leave with several bars of handmade soap. www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk

Friday 14th September 10am-12noon £15
A Walk with Watercolour with Nicola Higgins
Spend the morning with artist Nicola Higgins, and capture the stunning scenery in watercolours. No experience needed, all welcome, materials included. In bad weather we will work indoors but hopefully the sun will shine! Booking advised. www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk

Saturday 15th September 11am-5pm FREE (Portrait £15)
The 15 Minute Portrait Studio
See Saturday 8th 11am for details. www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk

Sunday 16th September 11am-4pm £45
Play Guitar in a Day!
A day for beginners or lapsed players of acoustic guitar to get a good head start in playing, with Pete Giles. Delivered in small groups, with plenty of time for individual feedback, and peer learning. Learn to play 4 chords, gain an introduction to the principles of tuning and caring for your guitar, playing rhythm and learn one song all the way through. Bring your guitar (we may be able to loan one, please ask) and a packed lunch. www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk

Tuesday 18th September 10am-4pm £50
Breeze Block Sculpture
Gain an introduction to sculpture, using breeze blocks! Ideal for beginners, these are soft and easy to carve and gain quick results. We will take you through the stages of design, creating a maquette, roughing out and finishing. No experience needed, all materials included. Wear old clothing and covered footwear. www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk

Wednesday 19th September 11am-5pm FREE (portrait £15)
The 15 Minute Portrait Studio
www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk See Saturday 8th 11am for details.

Thursday 20th September 10am-12noon £20 adults, £10 children
Sand Cast Candle Making
www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk See Thursday 13th, 10am for details.

Thursday 20th September 2pm-4pm £20
Natural Soap Making
See Thursday 13th 2pm for details. www.barnoonworkshop.co.uk