Boathouse Theatre

Carnglaze Place

To book please call The Boathouse Theatre 01736 799284

Sunday 14th. Sunday 21st. Puppet Show: Rumpelstiltskin.
£5 (children £3.50)

Wednesday 24th. A Midsummer’s Dream Night.
Author and actress Beryl Beare gives an entertaining talk explaining why we dream and interprets the meaning of various dreams. Members of the audience will then have an opportunity to ask questions and perhaps have a specific dream interpreted. £6.50 Places limited so please reserve tickets.

Thursday 25th. Friday 26th. Saturday 27th. Killing Time: A Double Bill of Twisted Tales by Jason Calder.
Following on from the success of last year’s Whatever Happened to Mr Jones? The Boathouse presents another original production. £6.50 Places limited so please reserve tickets.