Talks and

Monday September 16 (2.30pm) at Porthmeor Studios – ALFRED WALLIS: MARINER TO ARTIST TO INSPIRATION

Discover the life and work of Alfred Wallis, a mariner turned artist who inspired many St Ives artists with the paintings he made in his cottage in St Ives. Join Ethan Carney from St Ives Archive for a biographical talk, with quotes and images throughout plucked from the Archive, helping to bring Wallis to life. TICKETS £7


Tuesday September 17 (10.30am) at Porthmeor Studios – MICHAEL BIRD: STORY OF ART, OR ART OF THE STORY?

History is about facts, right? But to join up the facts, to create a convincing story, writers have to interpret, imagine and invent. Discussing his books about art for both adults and children, Michael Bird asks if it is possible to draw a line between historical truth and historical imagination. TICKETS £7


Tuesday September 17 (1pm) at St Ives Arts Club – JANET AXTEN: PROMOTING CRYSEDE SILKS IN THE PRESS 1920-1940

In the 1920s and 30s, there was a textile factory at the bottom of The island in St Ives. Employing local people, it was called Crysede and produced wood-block printed silk fabrics and garments.
Understanding a company through its national press coverage provides a new perspective on local history. Until recently this has been an untapped resource. With access to on-line newspapers, Janet Axten, who has been researching Crysede for many years, shows how the rise and fall of Crysede Silks was publicised to a wide public.
Janet is a researcher, writer and lecturer; for many years she has specialised in the history of the St Ives area and the artists who have lived and worked in the community. TICKETS £8.50

Tuesday September 17 (2.30pm) at Porthmeor Studios – SARAH LATHAM PHILLIPS: THE SLADE SCHOOL OF ART 1870-1914

Sarah Latham Phillips will illustrate and discuss the origins of the Slade School of Art from the 1870’s up until its most famous generation of alumni on the eve of the First World War. Artists will include:  Walter Sickert, Augustus John, Gwen John, Bernard Leach, Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, Wyndham Lewis, Henry Tonks, Edward Wadsworth, David Bomberg, Dora Carrington, Mark Gertler, Paul Nash & Stanley Spencer. TICKETS £7

Wednesday September 18 outside Art Space Gallery (11am-3pm) – OIL PAINTING DEMONSTRATION

Angela Annesley, one of the Art Space’s seven artists will, be giving a demonstration of oil painting outside the harbourside gallery on The Wharf.
This demonstration will move inside the gallery in the event of bad weather. FREE 


Wednesday September 18 (2pm) at Penwith Gallery – JASON LILLEY’S TALK ON THE PENWITH GALLERY ARCHIVE

Join artist and archivist Jason Lilley for a talk about works within the Penwith Gallery archive collection, exploring the rich and fascinating history of Penwith Gallery in St Ives. FREE



Wednesday September 18 (2.30pm) and Wednesday September 25 (2.30pm) at the New Craftsman Gallery – NEIL CANNING: SENSE OF SPACE

In the context of Neil’s fascination with the dynamism and drama of West Penwith, Neil will discuss the fine balance between the painted surface and the moment in time that it reflects. FREE Booking essential, Email:


Thursday September 19 (11am-3pm) outside Art Space Gallery – WATER COLOUR PAINTING DEMONSTRATION

Art Space artist Michael Hocking will be giving a demonstration of water colour painting outside the harbourside gallery on The Wharf.
This demonstration will move inside the gallery in the event of bad weather. FREE 



In the period prior to 1914, the St Ives art colony attracted numerous foreign artists, producing a fascinating inter-change of influences between them and the British residents of the colony.
In particular, St Ives developed an international reputation as a centre for the practice and teaching of marine painting with the Australian, Charles Bryant, dubbing it ‘the Mecca of the seascapist’.
This resulted in the colony playing host to artists who would go on to become the leading marine artists of their respective countries having experienced career-changing influences in St Ives. Leading art historian David Tovey gives a fascinating insight into the story. Check out his website TICKETS £8.50

Thursday September 19 (2.30pm) at St Ives Library – GRAY LIGHTFOOT – THE BUS DRIVERS (NOT PIRATES) OF PENZANCE

At last a non-fiction book about bus driving in Cornwall that answers such questions as:- Do the Cornish have secret roads the tourists don’t know about? Do Penzance bus drivers perform a haka in the bus station each morning? How do bus drivers sleep at night?
Are YOU hard enough to be a bus driver? Do bus drivers enjoy being late? Have bus drivers been known to tell lies? Can bus drivers and cyclists ever have a meaningful relationship? Are bus drivers really sorry that they are not in service?

Penzance author, poet and former bus driver Gray Lightfoot takes you on a trip around West Cornwall and answers these questions with honesty, irreverence and not a little humour. TICKETS £6

Thursday September 19 (2.30pm) and Tuesday September 24 (2.30pm) at New Craftsman Gallery – JACK DOHERTY: WEATHERING

Jack will outline the dramatic journey his vessels take, from wheel to kiln, discussing how each action at every stage leaves its shaping and defining mark. FREE Booking essential, Email:


Saturday September 21 (11-1pm and 2-3.30pm) outside Art Space Gallery – LINO AND SCREEN PRINTING DEMONSTRATION

Art Space artists Hazel McNab abnd Henri Villiers will be giving a demonstration of lino and screen printing outside the harbourside gallery on The Wharf.
This demonstration will move inside the gallery in the event of bad weather. FREE 

Sunday September 22 (10am-5pm) at Tate St Ives – A SUN DANCE: Discusions and film screenings

Screenings: 10.30, 11.30, 12.30, 3.30 and 4.30. Talk: 2pm
A special day of film screenings and talks following the UK premiere of A Sun Dance at Tate St Ives by Australian artist Rochelle Haley.
This event follows on from the previous day’s performance of A Sun Dance by Rochelle Haley, first performed at the National Gallery of Australia and now translated to Tate St Ives gallery spaces.
Working with local dancers to bring the work alive in a new context this conversation will reflect on the process of transmission, between artwork, people and locations. This programming is looking ahead to the potential for new programme in the Palais de Danse, Barbara Hepworth’s studio, opening to the public in 2026.
Speakers include Rochelle Haley, artist A Sun Dance and Melanie Stidolph, Curator, Public Programme, Tate St Ives. This is an opportunity to reflect on practice in the South-west and an invitation to understand more of the context of dance in the region. Join us in the bar at 3pm after the talks to continue these conversations and connections further.
Free with gallery admission, Locals Pass or Tate Membership. Aged 18 and under admitted free.


This talk by Catherine Wallace explores the art created by artists who have occupied Anchor Studio in Newlyn from the 1880s to the present day. Notable artists who used the studio include Stanhope Forbes and some of his many students such as Frank Dobson, Dod and Ernest Procter and Arthur Hayward, and from 1947 John Wells used it up to his death in 2000. Since its recent renovations it has been home to artists from around the world on short term residencies .   TICKETS  £7

Tuesday September 24 (2pm) at Porthmeor Studios – EMMA TIMPANY & SARAH GALERIE: BOTANICAL SHORT STORIES

Join St Ives Bookseller as editor/author Emma Timpany and illustrator Sarah Galerie discuss their collaboration.
This collection of contemporary fiction by new, emerging, and experienced writers celebrates the world of flowers and plants and the meanings they hold, in 12 intriguing and surprising new short stories. £6 TICKETS


Wednesday September 25 (10.30am) at Porthmeor Studios: PORTHMEOR STUDIOS AND CELLARS: 12 YEARS ON FROM THE MAJOR RENOVATION

Join architect Rolfe Kentish for a talk and walk through the history and renovation of the iconic Porthmeor Artists’ Studios and Fishermen’s Cellars which was completed in 2012. This talk will also look at the decisions made for the renovation and the lessons learnt since then, and the experiences of its users. TICKETS £7


Thursday September 26 (11-1pm and 2-3.30pm) outside Art Space Gallery – LINO AND SCREEN PRINTING DEMONSTRATION

See Saturday September 21 for details.

Thursday September 26 (10.30am) at Porthmeor Studios – TIM ROGERS: OUR FRIEND JOHN WELLS

John Wells studied medicine and was a GP on the Isles of Scilly during the second world war. He gave up medicine in 1946 to follow his passion for art, becoming a leading figure in the developing community of artists in St Ives. This talk by his friend and fellow GP Dr Tim Rogers complements his new book, which charts the remarkable story of John’s life from recollections of shared conversations, and was written to increase awareness of the unique and significant contribution of Wells to abstract art. TICKETS £7


Thursday September 26 (2.30pm) at Porthmeor Studios – MADIE PARKINSON-EVANS: TROIKA – CASTING A NEW MOULD

Troika ceramics were produced by a mid-twentieth century group of creatives who were intent on pushing design and style boundaries by daring to be different. Continuing her series of talks, Madie Parkinson-Evans has conducted further in depth research, which provides insight into how the items were made and decorated. Many of the employees were local women and their dedication and decorating skill transformed the moulded pieces that are still recognised and highly valued throughout the world today. TICKETS £7


Anchor Studio, the historic studio of Stanhope Forbes and John Wells set in the heart of Newlyn, has recently undergone a major renovation. Join architect Rolfe Kentish at Anchor (in Newlyn) as he describes the story of its life as a studio and painting school, and its recent restoration. TICKETS £7


Friday September 27 (2.30pm) at Porthmeor Studios – ETHAN CARNEY: WILHELMINA BARNS-GRAHAM: AN ARTISTIC JOURNEY

Wilhelmina-Barns Graham was a key figure in the St Ives Modernist Movement, and was once erroneously relegated to a mere disciple of Ben Nicholson. Her powerful work, artistic journey, and prolific output will be explored in this introductory talk with Ethan Carney from St Ives Archive, including some of the artist’s own insightful words. TICKETS £7

Friday September 27 (7.30pm) at the  Mariners Gallery ANGELA HARDING: STILL WATERS AND WILD WAVES

Join St Ives Bookseller for an evening with printmaker Angela Harding as she launches her newest book, Still Waters and Wild Waves.
It is a joyful celebration of water and wildlife across Britain – perfect for art admirers and nature lovers everywhere.
Featuring more than 50 original illustrations of dramatic seascapes and reflective rivers, alongside photography of the stunning places that inspired the artwork and pages from her sketchbooks this beautiful new book captures the waters that move us. The book will be available for purchase on the night. £8 TICKETS