All Gods Fall

Explosive new rock/metal band ALL GODS FALL will return to the Guildhall for the St Ives September Festival following their hugely successful February show at the venue when they launched their debut EP ‘Ascension’.

Fronted by Mickey Ripley, with his throat-wrenching vocals, and his rip-roaring guitar-toting partner Nick Clarke, the band will once again be ably supported by the classic rock sounds of Sinpusher.

St Ives-based lead singer Mickey is no stranger to the rock scene. In the late 80s and early 90s he fronted the much-loved Red Dogs together with Paul Guerin (now of Quireboys/Joe Elliott’s Down ‘n’ Outz).

Mickey’s voice has been likened by Jerry Ewing (Classic Rock) to “a cross between Brian Johnson and Bruce Springsteen” and Metal Hammer’s Mark Day said: “Frontman Mickey Ripley’s got a huge voice and a huge personality.”

In a world possibly lacking the classic sound of the giants of the past, All Gods Fall are a breath of fresh air with their dynamic, authoritative songs and powerful lyrics that pack a punch to the very soul.