• Porthmeor Studios
  • Assassination of the Archduke
  • Mark Dion's - The Maritime Artist
  • The Shadows of War - Helen Dunmore Talk
  • Pilchards: A Brief History of the Cornish Sardine
  • Chris Care - Demonstration of Setting Nets
  • Working On No Man's Land

Porthmeor Studios

Borlase Smart Room, Back Road West

Monday 15th. Assassination of the Archduke.
100 years ago, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne was assassinated in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo. This one tragic event sparked off the horror of World War One. Writer Sue Woolmans combines royal history, touching romance and political murder to tell the forgotten story of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Supported by St Ives Bookseller. £5.50

Tuesday 16th. Tuesday 23rd. Demonstration of Setting Nets.
Chris Care, formerly seaman, miner and fisherman, now a shore captain, demonstrates net setting in his historic net loft at Porthmeor, and talks about the different types of fish caught using this technique. £5.50
To be accompanied by David Harrison making lobster pots in The Maritime Artist space, 11am – 3.30pm. FREE

Tuesday 16th. Tuesday 23rd. Film: Pilchards: A Brief History of the Cornish Sardine.
This newly made short film by Ray Bird tells the story of the pilchard fishing industry in Cornwall, charting the glory days of its economic and cultural heritage, success and later decline, to its resurgence today. The film will be followed by a discussion led by Nick Howell of Newlyn Pilchard Works. Supported by HLF and FLAG. £5.50

Wednesday 17th. Porthmeor Studios Renovation, Talk and Walk.
MJ Long was the lead architect responsible for designing the modifications and restoration of Porthmeor Studios, and during her eight years close connection with the building, she became fascinated with its history, its details and its remarkable character. During this talk and guided tour, MJ Long will discuss some of the special features of this exciting project. £5.50

Wednesday 17th. Film: Dan Paynter and Son – Principled Men, 1979.
The conflict between father and son, St Ives fishermen Dan Paynter and his son Danny, is the fascinating theme running through the first film in Barry Cockcroft’s award-winning series of ‘Once in a Lifetime’ documentaries made for Yorkshire Television. £5.50

Thursday 18th. The Shadows of War.
Orange prize-winner, Helen Dunmore, will talk about her latest novel The Lie which is set in Cornwall and France during and immediately after the First World War. ‘While The Lie may be the first of many literary re-imaginings of that conflict in this centenary year, it will undoubtedly prove one of the most subtle and enduring’ (The Observer). £5.50 Supported by the St Ives Bookseller. Talk in aid of St Ives Junior School library.

Friday 19th. Mark Dion’s The Maritime Artist.
Mark Dion, celebrated for works such as the Tate Thames Dig, was commissioned to produce a site-specific installation, The Maritime Artist, as part of the recent Porthmeor Studios renovation. Artist Sarah Mercer, who assisted Mark with this commission, will give a talk about Mark’s work, followed by a visit to the installation in Cellar 4. £5.50

Friday 19th. St Ives and World War One.
Janet Axten, Heritage Manager of St Ives Archive, will give an illustrated talk about how World War One affected the lives of everyone in the town. Much of the information has come from the detailed articles and reports that appeared in The St Ives Times between 1914 and 1918, and which have been incorporated into a new publication by Ted Lever. £5.50

Monday 22nd. World War One Poetry, with Alan Shepherd & Friends.
The First World War provides one of the seminal moments of the 20th century in which literate soldiers, plunged into inhuman conditions, reacted to their surroundings through poetry. The distinct, emotive and varied work of Owen, Brooke, Sassoon, Graves et al, lives on and has inspired generations that followed. Local poet, Alan Shepherd, and a selection of friends read from their own and selected work to commemorate a war which still runs through the British modern-day psyche like no other conflict. £5.50

Monday 22nd. Film: Severn and Somme: The Life of Ivor Gurney: WW1 Poet and Composer (1890-1937)
The film charts the extraordinary life of Ivor Gurney who was a talented poet and composer. It is also a statement about the soldiers who returned from war and were scarred both mentally and physically from their horrific experiences. Made by Redcliffe Films features Gurney’s music and poetry. £5.50

Wednesday 24th. Porthmeor Studios Renovation.
Nick Cahill, Historic Buildings Consultant, has been closely involved with the renovation project and has unravelled the history of Porthmeor Studios. In this talk and tour he will look at the development and structure of this unique building and explain how it reveals much of the history of St Ives. £5.50

Wednesday 24th. Film: When the Sea Turns Red It’s Pay Day, 1979
The second film in the Director, Barry Cockcroft series of ‘Once in a Lifetime’ documentaries made for Yorkshire Television, goes underground with a Cornishman and his son who open up their own tin mine and seek a fabulous motherlode of wolfram. A fascinating insight into the last days of the Cornish mining industry. £5.50

Thursday 25th. Borlase Smart & Leonard Fuller – The Artists’ Rifles, the Lewis Machine Gun & the School of Painting. EVENT CANCELLED
Borlase and Leonard first met in 1915, as officers of The Artists’ Rifles. They agreed to live as artists in St Ives after the war. Marion Whybrow relates how Borlase fulfilled his dream in 1919 and came with his wife Irene, and how Leonard arrived in 1938 to set up the St Ives School of Painting with his wife Marjorie Mostyn. £5.50

Friday 26th. Film: Warren MacKenzie – An American Potter in St. Ives.
Warren MacKenzie, celebrated American potter, was apprenticed to Bernard Leach from 1949-1952. This hour-long film captures his return to the Leach Pottery in 2013 – the place that defined his philosophy as a potter. His vivid memories, deep affection for Bernard and above all, Warren’s honesty and humour shine through – a man who loves making pots. Supported by the Leach Pottery. £5.50

Friday 26th. Working On No Man’s Land.
Roy Ray, Annie Henry and Katie Kirk transport us back to WW1 with a powerful, one hour performance of music and spoken word including original songs, WW1 poetry and artwork. Audience members are encouraged to bring family stories of WW1 to commemorate this centenary year. £5.50